In my definition, you’re a startup whenever you’re setting up a new business.

Whether you’re setting up the next Uber or AirBnB, or an accountancy firm or salad bar…

Startup coaching focuses on getting your business of the ground smoothly and will blow life into your business model and make sure you, your team, and your operations, are all prepared to get going and growing.

With that being said, I am not the one to turn to when you need finetuning in your tech product or planning your exit strategy…that’s all good, just not my cup of tea (I’m happy to recommend you to people I know are great at this though).

So if you’re working on a great new business but feel a little or a lot overwhelmed by things; than definitely get in touch!


Whatever your budget; we’ll always start with an assessment of where you are on the entrepreneurial road, where you want to be in what time, and how our cooperation is best used to get you there.

Expect practical advise and feedback, nudges in the right direction, and of course lots of practical tips. But also expect to gain clarity on your long term vision (for business AND your life within that business), your ambitions, and the hurdles and fears you might come across on the entrepreneurial road.

We’ll create a just-for-you coaching package to ensure you move as swiftly forward as you can.

Price, starting from: $99 per coaching session (discounts apply when choosing a long-term collaboration)


If you’re not entirely sure if startup coaching is for you, you’re more than welcome to schedule a free, no strings attached, 1 hour deep dive.


“Linda has a fresh take on entrepreneurship and is very creative in finding the right solutions for our company. She has a lot to bring to the table organisation wise and is a wiz in finance. She’s also very socially capable and a great person to be around. In short: I can definitely recommend Linda to any starting business!”

– Isaam Amrani, founder and CEO, Donkeys&Co

“Linda was there when we were still figuring out our business model. For 2 years she worked alongside of us to define strategy and tactics as well as getting all the basic structures and processes for pre-sales, delivery and after sales in place AND help us in day to day operations.

The clarity and efficiency this gave us enabled us to develop our technology and grow and support our customer- and partner base at a speedy rate and we’re happy to have been able to build our ever-growing business on that foundation ever since.”

– Michael Coussement, founder and CEO, Cohere

“We’re a startup with young people and Linda’s work has made sure we’re ready to take on the growth spurt we’re now experiencing without worrying that it might hurt the organisation.”

– Pieter Kroes, founder and CEO, Stagemax

To get you started…a list of 20 tools, techniques, and systems any growing startup should use…