Writing can be quite daunting to the busy and writing-wise unexperienced entrepreneur.

You’ve got sky high expectations and ambitions for your website and you know that content creation and marketing is all the rage (and necessity) these days, but where to get the time to just sit down for a couple of hours and make word magic happen?

And the problem is, it’s not just once every 2 months that you need to do this…to reap the benefits of content marketing (in other words, a regular blogging habit and all the social marketing that comes with it), you need to make this time each week.

And that’s assuming that you actually enjoy the writing process and have the skills necessary to create copy and content that makes potential customers just naturally want to flock to your website and hit the ‘Buy’ button…

Of course, that’s exactly where our experience and knowledge can be of help!


  • $: Best practices, very concrete guidelines and hands-on feedback and editing from a writer’s and business perspective.
  • $$: We’ll write your blogs for you, based on your business, your customers, and your voice.

We understand how important it is that your message is conveyed, in your words and for your audience. Any collaboration will therefore always start with lots of questions and desk research from our side so we use your words to match your product and brand.

And when it comes to your product…we’ve written about all kinds of topics like: argan oil, hijama/cupping, business, (online)marketing, fashion, interior design, and personal development. In other words, we know our way around almost every topic!

But…writing is often very personal, which is why we’ll always start with a trial run just to make sure that we’re a right match for each other.

Price, per blog (1000 words): $129



  • $: Advice, feedback, and editing of your words by someone who knows how to write for web.
  • $$/$$$: Let the experts do it for you! We can write all the copy on your website based on your words, your business, and our empathy and experience.

Words are hard! Webwords are even harder! Because how to make sure you’re both entertaining, informing, and effectively selling without being too salesy???

Based on your personality, your customers, your products and of course, the goal of your website, we can help you in the right direction by guiding you through the pages or filling them for you.

Price, starting from: $99


If you’re not entirely sure what you need, or if you’re worried that your budget might not get you anywhere at all, then you’re more than welcome to schedule a free, no strings attached, 30 minute session!



To get you started…a list of 20 tools, techniques, and systems any growing startup should use…