How to Spark Employee Passion: Lessons From 2 Business Giants 

You’re not like every other manager out there, are you? Where most managers have to deal with employees that are just going through the motions and not caring anything about the quality of their work, your employees actually DO care and give their absolute best. Right? As it turns out, that’s what ALL managers think. [...]

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How To Never Hire The Wrong Person Again: 7 Tips

Ever made that dreadful mistake of hiring the wrong person? It sucks right? That moment you realize that an employee is not a right fit is like a ball dropping into your stomach. Because you had such a lovely positive momentum going... And now you'll have to spend a lot of time and money into making sure this is [...]

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What If…Your Employees Hate Their Jobs?

  Your employees love their jobs. Right? Are you – put your hand in the fire – sure about that? Because according to a report by Gallup, only 13% of all employees feel “engaged” with their work. In other words, only 13% of the entire workforce feels truly passionate for what they do and are [...]

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