First off, let’s be clear that you need a business model whether you’re going to a bank or investor or not! It’s your business’s blueprint, and not having it will get you into trouble later.

Secondly, a business plan is, simply said, a more thought out business model. It’s usually a Word document that comprises everything from your business vision, basic information, to market and competitor analysis’s and figures and projections for at least the next 3 years.

You will definitely need it if you want to raise money from a bank or an investor. You might want it to help you figure out the nuts, bolts, and figures for your business out yourself.


  • $: No nonsense coaching and feedback on your version of the Business Model Canvas (1 to 2 sessions).
  • $$: We’ll develop the business model together, based on your personal and business vision, and work through all the questions and details you might not have thought of yourself (3 tot 5 sessions).

In the end, nothing beats the Business Model Canvas when it comes to drafting up your business blueprint. But…even with all the available information out there, it can be a struggle to fill it in.

Starting out with your version of the Business Model Canvas, Linda will coach and guide you through each element, making sure you end up with a model that actually works and gives you practical clarity on how to move forward.

Price per 1 hour session: $89



  • $: We’ll give you our proven templates (Word and Excel), some great examples, and all the necessary instructions and coach you while you write the business plan.
  • $$: You’ll write a part, and we’ll write a part. In between, we’ll of course convene, consolidate, and make a super coherent plan that’s exactly what you need it to be.
  • $$$: We’ll do all the typing, and calculating for you. But…we’ll need to meet and pick your brain regularly to make sure we stay aligned.

Whatever you need, we’ll always start with a quick assessment of where you are in the entrepreneurial process, how much information you already have, how clear your business model is, what you need the business plan for, and how much time and budget you have (or haven’t).

Based on that we can create the perfect plan to get your business plan written and make sure you get a head start in your business whilst doing so.

Price, starting from: $199


If you’re not entirely sure if you really need a business plan or not, or if you would just like to chat with Linda for a little bit on how you should best move forward, then you’re more than welcome to schedule a free, no strings attached, 30 minute session!

Koek & Ei

“My cooperation with Linda for my restaurant concept was exactly the right match. She doesn’t only look at the wishes of the customer but also pro-actively thinks ahead on how to make things even better. The meetings on Skype were great, she’s always clear in her communication and flexible in her time. Her knowledge and insight have definitely brought my business plan to a higher level. I would for sure hire her again for a follow up project.”

– Jeroen Mols, founder and director Koek & Ei

Business Plan

“As I wasn’t able to turn my idea into a good business plan, Linda has helped me create one. She obviously works from years of experience and empathy and the business plan was very well received by both the bankers and investors I talked to.”

– Richard van Laar, founder and director DHZG

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