It feels pretty good to see your team growing, your product portfolio expanding, and your customer base going up a few belt sizes…right up until that point where your processes and quality become sloppy. Where your customers start complaining, and where your employees (and you) feel overwhelmed and stressed more often than not.

And that’s the time to take serious business improvement actions.

That’s why we’ve created the Business Improvement Scan. Questionnaires, interviews, desk research and simple observation are mixed with 15 years of business improvement experience and will give you an elaborate, no bullshit, report and actionable plan that cover each and every aspect of your business.

Together with you we’ll make sure you understand exactly what needs to happen when and, most importantly, how.


There are 6 main steps to the Business Improvement Scan:

  1. Laying the foundation: a strategic level session with the founders/managers to assess and address your vision, ambition, as well as your frustrations and fears.
  2. Scanning the environment: questionnaires, interviews with key team members, desk research, and observation through silent participation in several meetings.
  3. Understanding the data: all observations and facts are compiled and to form an overview of the biggest improvement areas.
  4. Digging for the root causes: the first compilation forms the basis for further investigation. What this looks like is based on the outcome; it could be more interviews, more data, or even a team workshop, as long as the root causes to that what is now prohibiting improvements are crystal clear.
  5. Reporting on the way forward: you’ll receive a clear report in which all the data from the scan can be found including their root causes and very concrete, very actionable actions on how to improve them.
  6. Making sure the improvements happen: based on the report we’ll provide further explanation, training, cheat sheets, coaching on planning or whatever else may be necessary to make the improvements happen.

Though it is dependent on your time and availability, the 6 steps usually all happen within 6 weeks and aims to not disturb the daily operations at all.

For those businesses that can’t wait to get their improvements going: Business Improvement Consultancy will support you in the follow-up on all the required actions.

An outside eye that knows her stuff and is able to fast-forward your business by showing you exactly what to improve and how is invaluable. It will help you prevent making the same mistakes over an over, it will ensure you less customer complaints, and it will simply make it a lot easier for you to fall asleep at night because you know you’re on the right track.

Price, starting from: $1499


If you’re still not entirely sure what the Business Improvement Scan is all about and if it’s for you, then you’re more than welcome to schedule a free, no strings attached, 30 minute session!


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