When your business (and team, and customer base, and the number of daily questions and issues…) is growing, you’ll find that a lot of time is wasted on figuring things out. On constantly putting out fires and fighting tigers that pop out of nowhere.

That doesn’t mean you’re running a bad business. Or that you’re a bad manager… It just means that there are just a few too many trees in your forrest. And it’s easily fixed with some outside help…

I’ve got over 15 years experience in business coaching and consultancy in all sorts of companies of all sorts of sizes and with all sorts of people at all sorts of levels. From making practical adjustments to pushing through personal obstacles…I know what levers to pull, and buttons to push to get your operations running efficiently and how to do so ensuring the highest quality of working and living for you and your team as possible.


Every business is different. As is every team. And every manager/founder. That is why it is close to impossible to give you a simple list of things to do to make your business flow without an in-depth assessment.

That’s why we start with an elaborate business scan with which we define every action and milestone necessary to get your business, your team and yourself to where you want it to. But we’ll also make sure that all these actions are integrated and sustained in your business according to your speed and (im)possibilities.

Expect ‘typical’ business consulting techniques such as the implementation of vision setting, workflowmanagement, tactical planning and KPI setting and managing. But also expect in-depth coaching on communication, leadership and the more than positive impact of ensuring meaningful relationships on the work floor.

And yes, that really works online too! In fact, it’s actually way more efficient…

Price, starting from: $99 per 1 hour consultancy session (discount applies when choosing a long-term collaboration)


If you’re not entirely sure if business coaching is for you, you’re more than welcome to schedule a free, no strings attached, 1 hour deep dive!


“Linda is able to pro-actively ensure clarity in her field of expertise and to get immediate results from doing so. I can strongly recommend Linda to anyone who wishes to improve his/her organisation based on experience, insight and a generous dose of humanity.”

– Joost Looij, Manager Support B2C, Essent

“Linda and I worked together on a big assignment, where she showed great responsibility, eagerness to not only do things right, but merely doing the right things. Although we had some set backs, she kept calm and positive.

To her team she showed leadership and a coaching way of managing. She is a real professional, but also a fun and loyal human being to work with.”

– Fenna Hummel, Program Manager, Ziggo

“Linda has supported the department R&D during 6 months. Her approach is very pragmatic and effective. She has made big improvements possible with us in both the management of daily activities as well as in the development of department wide processes.

Linda has a good eye for the human side and is able to see people’s competencies very clearly.”

– Hans de Boer, Manager R&D, Ziggo

To get you started…a list of 20 tools, techniques, and systems any growing startup should use…