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The High Quality Of Sales Versus Low Cost Challenge (And How To WIN At It)

Oh the irony! When you’re business is growing so fast you can no longer keep up anymore… When you have to weigh priorities on a daily basis and find that instead of having a lot of time and no money like in the beginning… You now have hardly any time, and still not enough money… [...]

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How to Spark Employee Passion: Lessons From 2 Business Giants 

You’re not like every other manager out there, are you? Where most managers have to deal with employees that are just going through the motions and not caring anything about the quality of their work, your employees actually DO care and give their absolute best. Right? As it turns out, that’s what ALL managers think. [...]

By | February 15th, 2015|People|3 Comments

How To Never Hire The Wrong Person Again: 7 Tips

Ever made that dreadful mistake of hiring the wrong person? It sucks right? That moment you realize that an employee is not a right fit is like a ball dropping into your stomach. Because you had such a lovely positive momentum going... And now you'll have to spend a lot of time and money into making sure this is [...]

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6 Simple Steps To More Business Flow With Lean Process Improvement

There comes a moment in the life of a growing business where the existence of 'processes' can no longer be denied. (even though you'd rather deny them) Because you, your team AND your customers keep running in to them everyday. And not necessarily in a good way... No, it's very likely because the evidence of [...]

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How To Graciously Deal With Angry Customers

You’ve got yourself in a bit of a pickle… You’ve got a flaming hot angry customer on your hands. The type that actually yells at you on the phone… And threatens with lawyers and other scary things in their emails… And all you can do when the bombardment of their arguments slows down is say [...]

By | November 25th, 2014|Execution|3 Comments

How To Make Vision Happen; What The Great Leaders Can Teach Us

You probably also have lots of leadership heroes. You know, those REALLY big ones! Like Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Dr. Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Winston Churchill and so many more. We all know what these ‘positive’ leaders have done and the positive changes they have achieved in the world. They're amazing! [...]

By | October 7th, 2014|Vision|1 Comment

What If…Your Employees Hate Their Jobs?

  Your employees love their jobs. Right? Are you – put your hand in the fire – sure about that? Because according to a report by Gallup, only 13% of all employees feel “engaged” with their work. In other words, only 13% of the entire workforce feels truly passionate for what they do and are [...]

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Why So Few Organisations Make Continuous Improvement A Habit And What To Do About It

Why do so few organisations make continuous improvement activities a habit? I stumbled across this question on Quora the other day and it caught my interest as I’ve asked myself this many times over. Over the past 10 years it has been my job to ‘do’ continuous improvement and make it part of a business’s [...]

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Why Competition Is A Good Thing And How To Turn It Into Something Even Better

The problem with competition is that it is almost always seen as a problem. We’re trained to build business models and write business plans around our competition. We need to find our competitive edge and advantage and work hard to ensure we are #1 in our field of play. We view our competitors as the [...]

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Process Management: what it’s all about and how to usefully apply it in your business

Business Process...this must be THE most boring term ever! And in practice it often is indeed that boring I'm afraid...but it does not necessarily have to be. In fact, understanding and managing your processes effectively is one of the key drivers for a business that strives for Operational Excellence. A (business) process can be defined [...]

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Understanding the Theory of Knowledge Management

We live in a crazy time! Knowledge is available to anyone at anytime and it is simply impossible to keep track of everything out there. But knowledge and its effective use still remains an important part of a business’s competitive edge. It did so 10 years ago and it might even be more prevalent in this [...]

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Operational Excellence: what is it and how does it relate to Lean?

Operational Excellence (OpEx for short) is one of those business buzzwords that you hear flying around but I’ve gotten feedback that it remains unclear what it is. So hereby my interpretation of Operational Excellence based on my own training and experiences. There are several reasons to want Operational Excellence: Lower operational costs Increasing quality Shorter throughput [...]

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Performance Management: a simple introduction

Though vital for any organisation or entrepreneur, performance management is a loaded term and not one that appeals to most people as it has an air of ‘discipline and punishment’ around it. I’ve seen it done right and I’ve seen it go wrong; let’s first take a look at what it is. Simply said, performance [...]

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5 Should-Use Change Management Tools and Elements

Change management is all about making sure the change you want to make happen in your process or your organisation happens successfully. With successfully I mean that the change is not forced down people’s throats but guided in a humane way and where it sticks for the long-term. Last week I wrote a blog on [...]

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The 8 Steps of Successful Change Management

The field of change management is one that is widely written about but is apparently really hard to do. In fact, 70% of all organizational changes fail according to McKinsey & Co. Given that most organisations are currently in a constant state of change due to all sorts of reasons this number does raise some [...]

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A super simple introduction to Lean

Lean is hot! It has been for a while and it will probably continue to do so for the coming years. Some explanations of Lean tend to be a little dry or overly complicated so hereby an attempt at a super simple introduction to some of the most important elements of the concept. With Lean [...]

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