Starting and running a business is hard!

Besides a brilliant idea and lots of perseverance to get your ideal customers to notice you, you also need to know have knowledge of HOW to turn that idea into a business model and strategy that makes sense.

You need to know HOW to find the right customers and market and sell to them.

You need to know HOW to build your business and team with flow and efficiency.

And, perhaps the hardest thing of all, you need to know HOW to deal with the stress, the anxiety, the frustration and, let’s be honest, the loneliness, that comes from entrepreneurial life.

And that’s exactly why coaching is invaluable.

With over 15 years experience in strategic, tactical and operational business consultancy, coaching, training and entrepreneurship, I can help you out with all the practical things. I know the tools, the techniques, and have the razor sharp analytical skills required to tie everything together in 1 customised approach.

My 10 years in the personal development world and my empathic superpower however also allow me to approach you and your business from a very human perspective. In fact, the practical and the personal are never separate in my approach.

I thus offer something quite unique; a personalised approach that is incredibly practical and down to earth but loving and compassionate at the same time.

I am not scared to ask the really hard questions and will not back out of a clash of the minds as long as I know for sure the heart is in the right place.

Though I realise it is ‘normal’ and simply more cost efficient to set up a 15 minute introduction call (which you can do through this link), I would prefer to take at least an hour and go deep into your business and questions.

In my experience that’s the only way to know if collaboration makes sense or not. For both of us!

Schedule the 1 hour introduction session here.

About Me…Linda Coussement

Linda CoussementHi, my name is Linda Coussement.

I’ve done the corporate thing, been an undervalued employee, played the stressed out manager, created the Powerpoints as an external consultant and crawled the walls as a startup co-founder. And now, I’m an entrepreneur.

I’ve spend the past 15 years in and around businesses; studying, working, learning, teaching. And I know just about every hook and angle of that what makes a good, smooth and efficient business.

And for the past 10 years I’ve been doing the exact same thing with all things human, which is why I’m currently actively asking all sorts of people the ‘simple’ question “How is it to be you?” for my big (he)art project. Check out if you would like to know more.

So I’m here for you: to help you set up, organise, and run your business in such a way that it will save you lots of time and lots of money AND be fulfilling and meaningful at the same time.

Besides coaching and consulting, I also offer services like web design and development, branding design and content creation through a handful of valued partners.

Check out all the details on my resume or on my Linkedin profile.

p.s. I’m a digital nomad. Meaning that I, very slowly, travel round the world and support and coach you through e-mail, Skype, and any other cloud tool that makes collaboration easy and fun.

To get you started…a list of 20 tools, techniques, and systems any growing startup should use…